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Our customers are at the centre of everything we do and our goal is to provide reliable, robust data solution with our passion about technology and problem solving expertise.

Data Analytics

We create machine learning models for browser (light) and for the backend and implement them on cloud: when your needs are quite specific and you require a tailored solution to analyse and extract predictions from your data.

Big Data

Vzentech understands the importance of every bit of data in present and in the next generation. We empowers companies to capitalize on their information and implement solutions for business intelligence, big data and analytics

Cloud Services

We craft technology excellence in the domains of Cloud Migration & Operations, Data Management, Smart Automation and Digital Transformation. We compose simple and smart solutions based on Cloud Vendor API’s as well

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We'll help you with the entire data and analytics lifecycle - from strategy to implementation -so you can make sense of your data and use it to solve complex business problems.

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We love turning amazing ideas into awesome products that make the world a better place! We make it happen by building stable, cost-efficient infrastructure systems and robust CI/CD pipelines for software delivery. We will ensure your project succeeds.

Big Data Consultancy

Vzentech Techies provide enterprise custom solutions to identify, integrate, manage, govern and store key business data with best management and visualization platforms and tools using big data technologies.

Data Science & Advance Analytics

Vzentech expertise in Data Analytics & AI is not just a statistical measurement, but about applying people-process touch to the business application which makes it a key factor to achieve success in applying AI

Cloud Managed Services

Vzentech is a leading Cloud Migration and Managed Cloud Services Provider. Enables organizations to reduce the complexity of IT infrastructure by moving to the cloud and provides Cloud Infrastructure.

Data Warehousing & Management

All the variety, volume, and velocity of data you managed increases, it is paramount that you continue to make data readily available in a consistent manner, across your entire business.


Regardless of your state in the lifecycle, our strategy specialist will work with you to help you understand how best to identify, store and utilise the data necessary to realise your vision for the future.

Business Intelligence

An individual's capacity to make fast, consistent and evidence-based decisions is essential in today's market of data-centric, customer-foccused business. Great business intelligence will achieve this through the perfect blend of people, processes and technology.

Real-Time Analytics

Real-Time Analytics

Acquiring customer events in real-time and processing for trigger impact actions.

Mobile Device Integartion

Mobile Device Integartion

Application of Analytics for various domains and real-time dashboard on Mobile devices

Customer Interaction framework

Customer Interaction framework

Creating 360-degree customer view to enhance customer experience

Computer Visio and Text Analytics

Computer Visio and Text Analytics

Personalizing Customer experience, KYC and Emotion analytics


What Clients Say

Our commitment and dedication to deliver customer solution is our priority. We have been able to perform well for all of our clients.


Vzentech provides outstanding and affordable statistical analyses of customer behavior and trends. Their Customer Segmentation proved very effective and we could target customers to increase profits.  My first experience with any Analytics Company has been very satisfying and effective. I surelly Recommend them,

Vishnu Prabhu
Company Owner, Fenesta

I highly recommend Vzentech.  They are the full package: excellent client management, strong statistical and data mining skills, proactive client handling, concise and relevant communications, and a results-driven mindset.  They’ve led Data Analytics projects that have helped our company minimize the operational cost and maximize marketing efforts.

Hannu Lawrence
Head Of Digital, Valmet

Vzentech team proved their expertise in a range of big data technologies: HDFS, Apache Hive, Apache Oozie, Apache Spark, Apache Zookeeper and many more. Special thanks for supporting us during the transition period. Whenever a question arose, we got it answered almost instantly. We would certainly recommend Vzentech as

Megen Geyer
Delivery manager, Startrack