Big Data Consultancy

Vzentech Techies provide enterprise custom solutions to identify, integrate, manage, govern and store key business data with best management and visualization platforms and tools using big data technologies.

Don’t stop at providing timely, accurate and relevant information to everyone in the business. The information must me clearly presented, actionable, look great and be a joy to use to drive business value and high levels of adoption.

Every company generates vast amounts of Big Data over the course of their existence as a part of their normal production process and interactions with their customers, which brings the necessity of mining, storage and integration of Big Data with the addition of real-time analysis as Fast Data to extract valuable insights into your business operations

Make better business decisions based on data and analytics

  • Manage risks more effectively                                                       
  • Enterprise data strategy
  • Data governance and cataloguing services   
  • Real Time and Stream Procesing
  • DevOps for Big Data
  • Cloud data warehousing
  • Data Mining, integration and storage