Data Science and Advanced Analytics

Employ mathematical modeling and deep learning techniques for the analysis of raw data to reveal powerful insights into your business development, trends and customer behaviour.

Data Science is an emerging technology and at its core is a business intelligence on steroids. Vzentech’s Data Science division has respectable math background and is able to understand, articulate and build mathematical models to extract useful new insights from your raw business data. The implementation of recent Machine and Deep learning techniques also brings a continuous cycle of improvement and understanding of the raw data analytics.

Vzentech engineers design and implement AI driven platforms and cognitive automation systems that understand and pursue business objectives

We offer a wide range of revolutionary techniques from AI development services for enhancing dialogue between human and machine along with voice recognition systems, content recognition systems, virtual staff and bots, Natural Language Processing (NLP) to configuring existing AI tools of Google, Amazon and Azure Cloud Services.

  • Real Time processing and analysis
  • Heuristic detection of anomalies
  • Learn-by-doing systems
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Voice and content recognition
  • Virtual staff and bots

Use Cases we have implemented :

  • Economic modeling based on machine and deep learning
  • Decision automation for supply and demand chain
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Fraud prevention
  • Inventory, supply and demand forecasting
  • Customer intelligence and offer personalization
  • Marketing, pricing and promotion optimization
  • Data management and spatial analysis